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CUE Social Skills Programs


1. Signal to speak or act -something said or done that provides the signal for somebody…to say or do something

2. A sensory signal used to identify experiences, facilitate memory, or organize responses.

The Pier Center for Autism will address the individual’s social needs.  CUE programs will utilize a small group setting and within that group we will focus on the individual’s assessed needs.

Individuals that come to the center and are enrolled in a CUE social skills group will work on social language opportunities. The one hour sessions will consist of groups of no more than five that are formed by age and skill level.

Lessons could include:

  • Asking for help
  • Listening to a speaker
  • Learning how to be a friend
  • Caring for my personal hygiene
  • Managing negative outcomes
  • Understanding and interpreting body language
  • Asking permission before touching another’s possessions
  • Self-advocating